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CENTURIONS MICHIGAN is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization and a cutting-edge, service-oriented company created by Darius Williams to combat the growing Human Trafficking epidemic in America and empower communities by bringing together organizations that share this common goal. 

CENTURIONS MICHIGAN provides a unique, comprehensive answer to the Human Trafficking problem by educating communities, assisting law enforcement, and providing rehabilitation services. CENTURIONS MICHIGAN has assembled a unique group of highly skilled people and an ambitious mission statement to end Human Trafficking by providing the full scope of rehabilitation services for survivors and eventually reintegrate them into society, forever breaking the chains of recidivism. 

CENTURIONS MICHIGAN’s relentless efforts to attack human trafficking with a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach that engages and educates key community groups; bridge the gap between law enforcement efforts and the community; and effectively address the critical needs of the survivors will eliminate recidivism and eventually make human trafficking a thing of the past. 



CENTURIONS MICHIGAN was founded by Darius Williams in January 2019 and registered in the state of Michigan. Since its inception the mission has steadily grown, even through the COVID crisis. It is a service-oriented company comprised of highly specialized individuals that work with the community and law enforcement to battle human trafficking and provide a process to assist victims toward reintegration into society. CENTURIONS MICHIGAN continues to grow to address a much-needed gap in the pursuit of anti- human trafficking efforts to educate communities, provide critical victim services, and rescue victims. We here at CENTURIONS are highly skilled volunteers and maintain close relationships with community organizations, law enforcement, and victim advocacy programs.

Meet Our Team


Dee Photo.jpg

Dee Williams

Darius 'Dee' Williams, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, attended Ohio State University for three years before enlisting into the United States Marine Corps. While serving in the Marines, Dee consistently maintained and was awarded the highest PFT Award along with the Gung Ho Marine Award. Because of his passion to serve, Dee was promoted meritoriously to Lance Corporal and Corporal. After being honorably discharged, Dee Williams served his community supervising and training security officers at various establishments.

Not long afterwards, Dee began to search for his purpose and how he could better serve his community. He was then introduced and immersed into the fight against human trafficking by the executive director of Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force. As he learned more about this horrific issue, he began to explore the idea of a multifaceted organization that would educate the community on human trafficking, assist law enforcement with identifying instances of human trafficking, and the the rehabilitation of survivors. Dee Williams went on to create what we know today as Centurions Michigan whose purpose is to, "serve and protect those who can not serve and protect themselves, to be an advocate of liberty through action and education"

An image of Sam Striker, who is a male wearing glasses and standing with his arms crossed while smiling. His background features a brick facade and a staircase.

Sam Striker, Ph.D.

Samuel James Striker, Ph.D., is the founder of Hollin-Phoenix Consulting, LLC; a company that specializes in socio-cultural research in unstable areas.  His past work experience includes working in conflict zones of Iraq and Afghanistan as an Education Ministry Advisor and Social Scientist. He has worked with such entities as the Afghanistan Government, Department of Defense, and several NATO units. 
Dr. Striker has two children and seven grandchildren. He currently calls Virginia home. He enjoys travelling, SCUBA diving and flying as quasi-leisure activities. His never-ending vision is to bring the Social Science capability to virtually all cross-cultural endeavors for the purpose of protecting populations through cultural understanding.

An image of Sally DeSmet, who is a woman with blonde hair that is wearing glasses and a grey sweater.

Sally DeSmet

Sally is the board of directors’ secretary and hails from St. Clair Shores Michigan. She has a masters in criminal behavior, and an undergraduate degree in criminal justice. She spent most of her working life in various jobs unrelated to criminal justice.

She is retired, and enjoys reading and learning as much as possible about crime, computers and self-improvement. She swims several times a week, and lives quietly with her corgi. She also contributes to the education of Centurions with the latest news on human trafficking.

She is the newest addition to the Centurions board of directors and hopes to stay on as long as it takes to make a dent in Centurion’s mission.

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